Music and Mental Health Program

We at HHRC, appreciate  the impact of music on one’s quality of life.  We strive to share with others the value of  appreciation and love of music.  Over the years, Dr. Yihoodah Green has encouraged his patients and community members to use their music interests and talents to harvest healing, community activism, and a sense of purpose and  belonging.  In 1999, he produced his first CD entitled “My Little Girl”, a collection of pieces addressing social ills.    Later, in 2016, he began working on  a collection of pieces for his second CD, while developing a community  music suite at Healing Hands Resource Center.  Currently, he is working with The Healing Hands Band as well as community members, musicians, and other community activists to expand opportunities to experience and be exposed to  music. 

Healing Hands Band

Coming Soon: HHRC Radio