Yihoodah Green M.D. – Medical Director

Dr. Green is a lifelong resident of Chicago’s Westside where he graduated elementary and secondary school from the Chicago public school system. In elementary school he experienced significant academic and behavioral difficulties. He was frequently in trouble and encountered conflicted with staff and peers. Though many in the school system gave up on him, three teachers saw him as a truly remarkable person. He is eternally grateful to Harry Hasegawa, Clyde Bradshaw and Y. B. Amen Ph.D. Through their caring and persistence he evolved from special education to becoming an honor roll student. These heroes instilled in him a love for learning and appreciation of the value in education.
Dr Green graduated from the Chicago Medical School in 1995 and completed a combined Family Practice and Psychiatry Residency at the Chicago Medical School /Mt. Sinai Hospital. In 2003 he left the position of staff psychiatrist at the Cook County Jail to found a multispecialty group practice called Healing Hands Medical Center on the west side of Chicago.

In 2005 Dr. Green co-founded Rapid Response Behavioral Health Services LLC, a mental health agency. From 2004 to 2009 he served in various capacities for Human Resource Development Institute as Medical Director, Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Psychiatrist. Currently Dr. Green holds appointments at Mt. Sinai Hospital in family practice, Scott Nolan Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital and Chicago Lake Shore Hospital in psychiatry

Over the years Dr. Green has discovered that he shares many traits with many individuals in the various patient populations in which he serves. This led him to seek evaluation. As an adult he was evaluated and diagnosed with Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This discovery was an epiphany for Dr. Green, finally there was a name and explanation for what he had been experiencing his whole life. Dr. Green was initially angry that a diagnosis with such huge potential impact had been missed for so many years. How could this be? Searching for an answer to this question lead him to a second epiphany; if no one asks the right questions how could they find the right answers? Realizing the importance of asking the right questions.

Dr. Green extensively reviewed the research in ADHD and developed a focus in the evaluation and treatment of childhood and adult ADD/ADHD. Dr. Green takes a strength based approach to ADD/ADHD. He realizes that an overwhelming number of individuals with ADD/ADHD are very bright and creative. However their difficulties in focusing and organizing present significant barriers to their future success. Dr. Green has traveled the country lecturing on ADD/ADHD and its impact on academic and career performance and its propensity toward addictive and criminal behaviors if undiagnosed and untreated. However, his lectures also place emphases on the large number of writers, artists, musicians, academies, and physicians among other professionals who have tapped into their ADD/ADHD and made the world a better place because of it.