Valencia Green M.D. M.P.H. – Executive Director

Dr. Valencia Green grew up in the Sunshine State of Florida. After completing undergraduate studies at Florida State University in 1987, she obtained an M.D. degree from University of Nebraska Medial Center in Omaha, NE in 1992. Realizing youths in our communities are the future leaders, Dr. Green worked feverishly with young people as Youth Director of various church and community organizations. She desired to create programs for youths and adults from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. She combined her knowledge as a physician with administrative training and earned a Masters degree in Public Health with concentration in Health Policy Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1997. 
Dr. Green worked as the Assistant Director and Health Educator for Yihoodah Y. Green and Associates LLC, a multi-specialty medical practice established by her husband in 2003. The clinic was located at the foot of Rockwell Gardens Housing Project on the west side of Chicago.  She mentored students from the clinic and the community and became an advocate for youths. After working closely with her own children and the youth in the community, Dr. Green was able to experience the challenges students in public schools face. Of particular interest to her were those challenges faced by students with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She researched and studied learning differences and dyslexia. Due to the vast number of students requiring services not provided in the schools and the negative impact it began to have on the community, Dr. Green established a free tutoring program for elementary and high school students.The program offered test preparation for standardized admissions tests, focusing on admission to top high schools and colleges.

In 2007, Dr. Green established and became the Executive Director for Healing Hands Resource Center, a non-profit organization providing primary care, mental health services and skills training for youths and adults. Functioning under a grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health she implemented an HIV/AIDS education and prevention curriculum in 2008 which reached over 800 participants. She established networks and collaborations with local community, civic and faith based organizations. Dr. Green is an eighteen year resident of the Chicago West Side.

She has strong ties with the community and understands the culture, sensitivities, demographics, and community network of the Chicago residents particularly those of the North and South Lawndale and Garfield Park communities.  Presently she provides seminars on various topics including life skills, health education, and parent advocacy. She also works with youths and adults participating in ex-offender programs.